Goodwill – Boynton Beach, FL

I spent this beautiful afternoon on a mini pick. It was 75 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky.

Today’s mini pick was at the Goodwill store.

It is located 764 S Military Trl # 2 Boynton Beach, Florida

The store was pretty busy today. I noticed a hawk living in there, he must hang his hat in the large hole in the ceiling near the AC unit.  Some of us asked about it when we saw him flying around the store. He is really large too, kinda freaky.

I saw a few usual characters, but the woman with the white gloves was not in sight. The story on her, she is always in there with white gloves on shopping around. I guess she does not want to get her hands dirty. I also met a man in the art section who was with his mother looking for frames.  He helped me pick out a pretty cool find today.

It is an artist signed painting. Signature Schkler. Let’s just say… I picked it up for a great deal.

Finds of the day @ Goodwill

Ted Lapidus Glasses

Paid $1.99 – Estimated Value $75.00

Dessert Display

Paid $2.49 – Estimated Value $35.00

Hand Painted Made in Japan Porcelain Box

Paid $5.99 – Estimated Value $75.00


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