Vintage Boutiques – Tallahassee, FL

As you know Tallahassee is a large college town, home of FSU. But with this being said, to my surprise they lack ample amounts of vintage shops. I went to a few just to check out the scene. A little too pricey for my standards. Yes, I am a picker and would never pay retail for vintage. But for others, these shops actually have amazing items if you don’t like to dig through the piles and deal with the 100 degree weather at the thrift shops.

Remember When

1651 North Monroe Street – Tallahassee, FL

This shop is in a row of vintage cottages. It was closed today, but hope to head back before the end of the week.

Out of the Attic

1211 N Monroe – Tallahassee, FL

This shop rocks! It is a collaboration of 8 vintage dealers. The shop is filled with vintage jewelry, accessories and home decor. I talked to one of the dealers today, Joy, and she gave us a little secret about the owner. She is also on a road trip up in NC, Oh we have some competition out there. 🙂

This display is genius. I might have to steal the idea.

My new love is hats. You know it is the first item Coco Chanel (my idol) designed. I think I am going to start wearing them again.

The cutest cookie jar  – $60.00

Crosley Radio – $60

My father was a  huge collector of radios and would have loved this classic find.

Bling and Things Decor & More

1018 North Monroe  –  Tallahassee, FL

Vintage 40’s Mannequin – $100.00  Do you think I should I have bought it?

Avant Garb

522 W Gaines St – Tallahassee, FL

This is the owner, Heather. She declined my video interview request,  but allowed me to snap this photo of her. She actually remember me from my last visit almost 3 years ago.

They have the best sunglass collection. All $10 and two for 20% off. Yes, I could not resist and bought a pair!

Vintage playboys for the men.

Vintage Ashtrays $20-$100

Find of the Day @ Avant Garb

80’s Vintage Sunglasses

Paid $10.00 –  Value = NFS (not for sale)


4 thoughts on “Vintage Boutiques – Tallahassee, FL

  1. I have a vintage Etsy shop and live in Monticello. I have frequented the Goodwill’s around Tally and some are way too pricey for me too! But I always manage to find something wonderful:) I want to try the Thomasville shop you mentioned in another post. Happy hunting!

    • Becky – Happy Hunting to you as well.. I will be back on the road in August, hopefully will drive through Monticello to hit Wag the Dog.

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