Goodwill Stores- Tallahassee, FL


Yesterday was Goodwill day. Drove to Tallahassee (about 25 minutes from my mom’s house), but first had to hit the one in town.

All of the Goodwills in the area have  a Happy Hour Monday and all clothing is half off. I wish South Florida would incorporate this deal in their schedule. Can’t beat picking dresses for under $3.00 each.

15072 U.S. 19  – Thomasville, GA

The stores are so organized. They color code all the racks and have the home decor items on top.

Vintage Bottles $1.99 each

300 Mabry Street – Tallahassee, FL‎. Next door is their Good Cents shop ( $1.79 a pound)

The Good Cents Shop. You have to dig through the bins.

2805 Capital Circle Northeast  – Tallahassee, FL‎

I passed on this shirt, now it is haunting me , literally. I wished I would have purchased it.

6810 Thomasville Road – Tallahassee, FL‎. Omg, the items in this shop are so expensive. The owl on the right is $30, really in a goodwill. I almost choked.

Finds of the Day @ Various Goodwills

Vintage 80’s Dress – Susan Roselli for Vijack

Paid $3.00 – Estimated Value $75.00


Vintage 1960’s Multi-Colored Belt

Paid $1.00- Estimated Value $25.00

Vintage 1960’s Multi Colored Dress

Paid $3.00 – Estimated Value $65.00


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