Stuff ‘n Such – Moultrie, GA

What a wonderful find I had at the end of the day at Stuff ‘n Such located at 1806 Overlook Drive SE in Moultrie, GA. The owners are brother and sister and have an eye for great vintage at reasonable prices.

Here a quick tour of the shop

Cookies jars starting at $35

Cake Holder $10

Finds of the day @ Stuff  ‘n Such

Florida Vintage Salt and Pepper Shaker

Paid $3.00 – Estimated Value $30.00

Florida Shot Glass

Paid $1.00  – Estimated Value $15.00

Ended the day at a fruit stand on the side of the road. The stand was next to a cotton field. I asked the man behind the counter if it was indeed cotton. He was about 90 and said come back in two months and it will be as white as your bed sheets throughout the entire field. Gotta love the South.

Look at those tomatoes – Only $2.00 for a container. Also, picked up some apple butter for $6.00 a jar .


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